EO Mini Pro 2

Small but powerful

Smarts Built-In


World’s smallest smart charger, perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver.

Manage, monitor and schedule your charging sessions with the EO Smart Home app.

Home power balancing ready and locking feature to prevent others from using your charger.


Make it yours,

EO Mini Pro 2

Every home is different, that’s why the EO Mini Pro 2 is available in four colours. Make your charger discreet or make it a statement to show your neighbours you drive electric.

Solar Control

Want to charge your car using your solar energy? The EO Mini Pro 2 connects to your solar panels using our innovative solar matching functionality.


$120 optional extra


Power Balancing

Worried about your EV charger using too much power? The EO Mini Pro 2 has smart power balancing to make sure you don't exceed your home's limits.

$120 optional extra

How does it work?

The EO Mini Pro 2 offers power balancing at home with an additional CT clamp. It can read the incoming electricity into the building, take into account the building energy usage and calculate a final amount of power that is then sent to the charger.

EO Mini Pro 2 reads the incoming power every second and reduces power output when other home appliances, such as a water heater, are turned on. Once the water heater is turned off, the charger will automatically read the available power and increase the power output to the maximum available level.

Charging cable, attached or not

Your call.


Cars we can charge

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