We can help you charge any electric vehicle.

Your personal car, fleet, buses, trucks, even tractors, Chargesmart can help you charge them all. We exist to guide you through the confusing world of EV charging.

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About Us

If you are thinking about making the shift to electric, or you're already there, then good on you! You're making your environment just that little bit better and on behalf of ChargeSmart, we thank you.


So how do you fuel this stunning new technology? Well here's where it gets a little complicated. But don't worry, we are here to help you. With more than 150 EV charging products and services we can charge any EV available, and set you up for years of charging into the future. We have more than 9-years experience with this technology and have scoured the world to find the best solution for you and your vehicle, fleet, or public charging need. 

The mission that



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