Jaguar iPace

Electrifying Drive - Jaguar I-PACE is a Jaguar above all else – a true driver’s car. Its electric motors and near perfect weight distribution deliver 696Nm of instant torque and sports car agility.

Charging Specifications

Battery Capacity:  90.0 kWh

Port Location:  Left Side - Front

Charge Port:  Type 2

Charge Power:  7.4 kW AC

Charge Time (0->378km):  13h30m

Charge Speed:  27 km/h

Battery Useable:  84.7 kWh

FC Port Location:  Left Side - Front

Fastcharge Port:  CCS

Fastcharge Power:  100 kW DC

Fastcharge Time (39->302km):  45 min

Fastcharge Speed:  210 km/h

Recommended residential chargers for your Jaguar iPace, suitable for most NZ homes (single-phase)