Nissan Leaf 24kWh

Make your day to day drive simply amazing.  Go everywhere, further, in the Nissan LEAF. Feel instant torque and smooth acceleration from the 100% electric motor, experience a smarter, safer, easier way to drive that gives you more confidence and a whole new sense of exhilaration.

Charging Specifications

Battery Capacity:  24.0 kWh

Port Location:  Front - Middle

Charge Port:  Type 1

Charge Power:  3.6 kW AC

Charge Time (0->80 mi):  7h15m

Charge Speed:  18 km/h

Battery Useable:  22.0 kWh

FC Port Location:  Front - Middle

Fastcharge Port:  CHAdeMO

Fastcharge Power:  50 kW DC

Fastcharge Time (13->102 km):  30 min

Fastcharge Speed:  177 km/h

Recommended residential chargers for your Nissan Leaf, suitable for most NZ homes (single-phase)