Porsche Taycan

Conventional charging. Unconventionally fast - The system voltage: 800V. Uncommon. 400V would be common. But what’s common about a Porsche? With Porsche Turbo Charging, charging with 800V at DC charging stations is considerably faster than usual – 80% of the maximum charge level in less than 15 minutes. In other words: in approximately 4 minutes charging time the range increases by about 100 km (60 Miles).

Charging Specifications

Battery Capacity:  90.0 kWh

Port Location:  Left Side - Front

Charge Port:  Type 2

Charge Power:  11 kW AC

Charge Time (0->410 km):  9h15m

Charge Speed:  45 km/h

Battery Useable:  85.0 kWh

FC Port Location:  Left Side - Front

Fastcharge Port:  CCS

Fastcharge Power:  350 kW DC

Fastcharge Time (42->328 km):  15 min

Fastcharge Speed:  1,142km/h

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