25kW DC charger + 22kW AC option

25kW DC charger + 22kW AC option

The Efacec EV DC Quick Charger can be used to charge all EVs with CHAdeMO, CCS or AC Type-2 (fast) charging standard compliance. It has a maximum DC output power of 25 kW and can charge 2 cars at once (one on AC and one on DC)

The DC Quick Charger is a user-friendly and safe process to fast charge your vehicle.After user identification (if authentication is required), by simply choosing the chargingstandard compatible to your vehicle and coupling the charger’s output plug to the EV, you will have a fast secured and proven charging process. The battery charging status is displayed and the charging cycle finishes by itself or can be terminated by an usercommand. 

Different output options are available, like the basic single DC output, dual DC outputor even triple DC+AC outputs, in a single cabinet or bundled with a wired charging interface kiosk.

The DC Quick Charger includes Efacec’s power electronics unique design, resulting in top specifications for DC fast charging. Higher power output with best power factor and efficiency.

  • Product Info

    Technical data

    Nominal Input

    Phases / lines: 3 phases + neutral +PE

    Voltage & frequency: 400 Vac ± 10 %50 Hz
    Nominal input current & power: 32A, 22 kVA

    Efficiency  >94%
    Power factor: 0,98

    AC Nominal Input (Optional)

    Phases / lines: 1P or 3P + neutral + PE

    Voltage & frequency: 400 Vac ± 10 % 50 Hz
    Nominal input current & power: Up to 32 A, 22 kVA 

    DC Output

    Voltage: 50 Vdc to 500 Vdc

    Current: 0 to 50 A
    Nominal Power (@ 400V) Up to 20kW

    Maximum power 25 kW

    AC Output (optional)

    Voltage: 230 V or 400 V

    Current from 16 A up to 32 A

    Nominal Power from 3,7 kVA up to 22 kVA

    General Specifications

    Equipment Multi-standard DC outputs (Mode-4),with optional AC (Mode-3)

    Communication with EV: JEVS G104 (CHAdeMO)IEC61851-23 PLC (CCS / Combo-2) IEC61851-1 (AC)

    DC Plugs: JEVS G105 (CHAdeMO) Combo T2 (CCS / Combo-2)

    AC Plug (or socket): IEC62196 Type-2 

    Human Machine Interface: By default6.4’’ TFT Color screenMifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others onrequest3G (GSM or CDMA) | LAN | Wi-Fi

    Communication Protocols: OCPP (1.2; 1.5) and others Indoor/Outdoor

    Place of installation

    Altitude: Up to1000m
    Protection degree: IP54 | IK10 

    Operating Temperature -25oC to +50oC

    (Optional Cold Option) -35oC to +50oC

    Storage Temperature: -40 to +60 oC 

    Humidity Range: 5% to 95%
    Noise Level: <55 dB in all directions 

    Dimensions (W x D x H): 630x457x1922mm 

    Weight: 325 Kg

Charger Output

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