50kW DC charger

50kW DC charger

With both CHAdeMO and CCS bowsers, as well as a 22kW or 43kW AC outlet the QC45 from Efacec covers all charging bases. The DC Quick Charger is a user-friendly and safe process to fast charge your vehicle. After user identification (if authentication is required), by simply choosing the charging standard compatible to your vehicle and coupling the charger’s output plug to the EV, you will have a fast secured and proven charging process. The battery charging status is displayed and the charging cycle finishes by itself or can be terminated by a user command. 

  • Product Info

    Different output options are available, like the basic single DC output, dual DC outputor even triple DC+AC outputs, in a single cabinet or bundled with a wired charging interface kiosk.

    The DC Quick Charger includes Efacec’s power electronics unique design, resulting in top specifications for DC fast charging. Higher power output with best power factor and efficiency.

    AC and DC plug-in charging systems

    Main features

    • Multiple standards

    • Multiple outputs

    • DC up to 50 kW

    • AC up to 43 kVA

    • High efficiency: > 93%

    • High power factor: 0.98

    • Simple plug & play installation

    • Standalone or network integrated charg