Fleet TCO Table- 1,200+ vehicles

Fleet TCO Table- 1,200+ vehicles

Your time is precious. We've summarised publicly available information into one table of 1,200+ vehicles available in the market. Use this to build your own total cost of ownership model, potentially saving you hundreds of hours of analysis.


NOTE: The vehicle total cost of ownership table information is based on default inputs. It is recommended you use the data and modify this to suit your own needs. It is not intended to be a total solution, just a short-cut to gather most of the inputs you need to make a comparison.

While the table can be used to provide a useful estimate, results may vary depending on a number of factors, including changes to any of the assumptions, driver behaviour, and operating conditions.

This means that before relying on the results in the vehicle total cost of ownership table, you should carefully evaluate the accuracy, completeness and applicability of the results to your situation, and should obtain appropriate expert advice relevant to your particular situation.

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