Public Charging

If you are looking to install public charging in your commercial carpark, public space, existing refuelling station, or a Greenfield site, ChargeSmart can help. Our preferred DC charging manufacturers have developed the highest quality single power module DC solutions. These have some of the industries highest reliability levels and are used by Porsche, the VW Group, Ionity and Electrify America.​ There are several key considerations when thinking about public charging:

  • Capacity: how much energy is available without the local electricity network company having to upgrade local transformers? The best sites have spare capacity. This also determines if you can put in AC or DC chargers

  • Something to do: EV charging is still a relatively long process (30-40 minuets) so having restaurants/cafes/shops nearby is important. Sure the enthusiast today will sit and read a book, but when EV's are mainstream people will want something to do.

  • Lighting: this is a consistent point of failure with a lot of installations. Having adequate lighting makes it safer for people to charge at night. While it's difficult to not be accused of sexism, research has shown that women in particular will not charge at unlit EV chargers at night.

  • Security: this leads on from lighting - a great charging spot would also have some form of security. Bear in mind that to charge your EV you have to get out of your car, engage with the charger, plug it in and then get back in your car.

  • Connectivity: too monetise a charger it needs to be connected to a software platform through some form of communication. Cellular is stable and fast so make sure your proposed site has good reception.

  • Maintenance: Public chargers require regular maintenance over time which is a combination of remote support via connectivity, and physically inspecting the chargers at least annually. We recommend a full maintenance contract with public chargers.

Recommended Public Chargers
Ownership Options

OK so if you're running a business, chances are you aren't experts in EV charging, nor do you necessarily want to be. Here's where ChargeSmart's ownership options can get interesting. If you want EV charging but don't want to own and operate EV chargers we can do all of this for you for one simple monthly charger per station. Or if you have your own stations but don't want the hassle of managing them, we can do this for you.


If you want to monetise the charger we can also do this on your behalf, or a combination of operation and mobility service. Our experienced team will work with you to create the smartest solution for your needs in terms of capital and operations.

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Charge Point Operation


If you are just looking for remote management of your new or existing EV chargers, this is for you. This service covers:

  • remote reset/restart of chargers

  • remote firmware upgrades - your charger will always be on the latest version

  • transaction tracking which can be dowloaded as CSV/PDF files

  • charger status in realtime

  • business hours support

  • charging card management

  • access management

  • user management

Fully Outsourced

Tailored Lease Offering

If you want to offer EV charging for staff or your customers but don't want to become an EV specialist, we have a fully outsourced solution. We will assess your site, build an installation plan, install the hardware and manage this on your behalf. All you pay is a set monthly fee. And if you want to charge EV drivers, we reduce your lease costs as transaction revenue increases. Smart charging.

Mobility Service Provision

$2.99/customer/month + $0.59/transaction

If you want to monetise your EV charger then we can help.  This service covers:

  • tariff management (time/kWh/fixed) options

  • publish stations online

  • invoicing and reimbursement for fleet

  • charging card management

  • access management

  • user management

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