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ChargeSmart is on a mission to accelerate the electrification of transport powered by renewable solar energy. By switching to an electric vehicle and solar energy you can benefit from lower vehicle running costs, reduced power bills, a smaller carbon footprint and peace of mind that the power needed to run your home, business and car is controlled by you.

ChargeSmart has been in the EV charging industry for over 5 years and despite being a new name in solar, the business and people are not. Previously Mercury Solar, the business joined with our existing EV charging products in early 2021 to give Kiwis the full package for a zero emissions future. With the solar side of the business comes the knowledgable staff with over 10 years of experience in the industry. ChargeSmart also retains the relationship with Tesla Energy as one of two Tesla Authorised Resellers in New Zealand.


Our team, and the environment, thank you for taking the first steps to making a positive difference to climate change.

Nigel Broomhall Electric Vehicles

We are EV drivers too!

74,000kms and counting. We've driven from Auckland to Wellington and back again, twice. We know the pitfalls of public charging and tricks and tips to make your experience better. Get advice from real EV drivers when you reach out today.