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Staff Use

Free or Pay per Use? You Choose.

The most common queries we get regarding workplace charging for staff come from:

  • Business Leaders: sustainability is a core part of your business and you want to lead by example

  • Operations Managers: one of the Exec team or the Board has brought an EV. They need/want somewhere at work to charge.

  • Procurement Managers: staff are bringing their EV's to work and either murmuring about charging, or running extension leads (not recommended!) out of windows to charge their cars

We can solve these challenges.

AC charging at the workplace is ideal because:

  • cars tend to be parked for many hours enabling a full charge

  • AC chargers are relatively cheap and you can add to your charging fleet easily over time

  • smart chargers can manage load and allocate energy to the car with the least energy

  • one smart AC charger with communications can manage up to 20 less advanced chargers, reducing costs

These are the key considerations for workplace charging for staff:

  • Cables: we recommended socketed chargers (no cable attached) because these chargers can charge every EV on the market and into the future. Chargers with attached cables limit you to one type of vehicle.

  • Communications: we recommend smart chargers with communications capability (modem/ethernet/WIFI) and OCPP. These chargers can be remotely supported and managed and have a wide range of features dumb chargers don't.

  • Monetisation: we recommend chargers with the ability to be monetised even if you don't turn this on today. When 2% of staff vehicles are EV's it s novelty. When 50% are EV's its a real cost.

If there is sufficient demand you could think about putting a staff DC charger in place. The considerations for this technology are:

  • Cost: DC chargers are relatively expensive compared to AC chargers

  • Time to charge: DC chargers are for fast turnaround (30-40 minutes) charges to 80% from near empty. Most staff won't drive that far to work so an AC top-up could be sufficient.

  • Charging etiquette: staff will have to pop out and move their car or there will be conflict.

With access to more than 150 EVSE charging products we can solve your challenge and manage the entire project from initiation to ongoing management.

Recommended Workplace Staff Chargers