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Solar Energy

Reduce your power & fuel bills

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Our services to you

We work with our installation partners to install and then inspect the finished product using our in-house electrical inspector

We can monitor the health of your system and ensure you are getting top performance for many many years to come.

With in-house electrical engineers we design the best solar solution for your home, business, development or commercial building

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Start saving on your energy bills NOW

There has never been a better time to switch on solar.
When you combine solar, a battery and an EV,  that's the garage of the future.

Of course it's smart.
We don't do dumb

We work with Solar Analytics, a leading smart solar monitoring service so you always know how your system is performing. We can detect and diagnose faults, ensuring your solar systems is performing at its best.


A virtual power plant, the solar game changer

What if you could add a number of solar installations together to make a large power plant and sell that energy to your friends, neighbours or your staff? We've teamed up with Karit to do exactly that. Get more from your solar system today by joining the club

Some of our suppliers
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New name, same team

While it looks like we're new to solar, our team is not. ChargeSmart purchased the Mercury Solar business in February 2021 and this comes with the experienced staff from all the way back to What Power Crisis, one of the original pioneers in the industry. We also retain the relationship with Tesla.