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Tesla charging with hang tags

Take Charge Packs

Being unplugged, ICEd or EVd sucks

Take charge today with one of our new packs

The Complete Take Charge Pack

2 DC & 2 AC hangtags & 10 window reminders

AC/DC Take Charge Pack

2 DC & 2 AC hangtags

The DC Take Charge Pack

2 DC hangtags

There's nothing worse than being unplugged, or turning up to a charger to find it blocked by an ICE vehicle or an EV not charging. These packs put the power back in your hands.


Need a decent charge before heading off on a trip? Hang the 'necessity' hangtag on while you charge. Just dropped in and grabbing a cheeky top-up? Hang the 'opportunity' hangtag on.

Have you arrived at a charger to find a car at the charger sporting an exhaust? Stick a "Not sure if you noticed' window reminder under the wiper.

How about those cheeky EV drivers that park at the charger but aren't charging. Yes, we know they can be great spots! Slip a "Hey there cheeky!" notice under the wiper

The best part? If someone gets grumpy they will take it out on us. And that's OK, we'll be happy to talk to them. After all, we're ChargeSmart, not charge dumb.

Take Charge Window Reminders

20 window reminders (10 of each)

EV Charging Hang Tags
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