Home Charging

Fast is good

Home charging is where we will all do most of our charging. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, with an EV you can literally have a gas station in your garage or driveway. And just like our smartphones, we start every new day with a full battery. There are a couple of considerations when you are buying a home charger. Below are the chargers we recommend for home charging.

Types of home chargers

  • 'Socketed' - a charging socket which requires a separate cable to attach to your car.

    • PROS: these chargers can charge any car. So if you change your vehicle, or your mates turn up, with the right cable for your/their car ​you're good to go. You can throw the cable in the boot for public chargers as well. It also looks a lot cleaner on the wall.

    • CONS: you need a separate cable. 

  • 'Tethered ' - a cable is permanently attached to the charger and matches your car.

    • PROS: it's always there and really simple - get home and plugin.​

    • CONS: it must match your car (type 1 or 2 - see our Free Guide to Home Charging) and if you change to a different type you may need to buy a new charger. Also if your family or friends turn up, if their car doesn't match your cable they are out of luck.

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