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EO Mini Pro 2 smart EV charger

Home Charging

Charging your EV at home is the easiest and most convenient approach. Plug in and charge overnight to start each day with a full charge or make the most of your solar system by scheduling charging within sunlight hours. Our wide range of charging options allow you to charge as fast as possible for your home or vehicle's power limitations. We have options for trickle charging with a 3 pin plug cable; fast charging for a single phase home with our 7.2kw wall mounted chargers; or make the most of your 3 phase power with a 22kw charger so your long range vehicle doesn’t take all day to get to 100%. Whether you are after a simple plug in and go solution or a smart option with all the best features and app controls, we can help!


EO Mini Pro 2

7.4kw smart charger


EVBox Elvi

7.4kw smart charger


EO Basic

7.2/11/22kw simple charger

Our favourite home chargers

A charging socket that requires a separate cable for connecting to your car.

This is best to future-proof if you get a vehicle of a different socket type in future.

Elvi Polar White Front View.png


A charger with a permanently attached cable matched to your car.

Ideal to get home and plug in but limits you to charging one vehicle type.


Our chargers can charge any EV on the market
Car brands Chargesmart EV chargers can charge
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