EO Mini Pro 2 smart EV charger

Home Charging

Home charging is where we will all do most of our charging. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, with an EV you can literally have a gas station in your garage or driveway. And just like our smartphones, we start every new day with a full battery. There are a couple of considerations when you are buying a home charger. Below are the chargers we recommend for home charging.


A charging socket requiring a separate cable which attaches to your car.

Pros: These chargers are versatile - if you change your vehicle or your friends and family turn up, don't stress, these chargers can charge any car. As an added bonus, you can take the cable with you for public charging.

These chargers also have a sleek design keeping your space looking clean and tidy.

Cons: You'll need a separate cable.



A charger with a permanently attached cable matched to your car.

Pros: These chargers are simple - get home and plug in.

Cons: The permanently attached cable must match your car (type 1 or type 2 - see our Free Guide to Home Charging). If you change to a different type, you may end up purchasing a new charger.

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