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electric vehicle charging with EVBox Businessline

Fleet Charging

When it comes to charging your fleet there are a few things to consider. Will your EVs be charged at work or by employees if they take them home? Or is it both? Either way, you can track usage and control access to chargers with backend software to give you full control. 

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Our recommended chargers for fleets
13 EO Charging (Fleet Case Study).jpg

EO Genius


Pair with EO Hub to control up to 30 chargers


EVBox Elvi


Home or fleet. Connect up to 20 chargers with hub/satellite.

BusinessLine Double jpg.png

EVBox BusinessLine


Single or Double. Connect up to 20 chargers with hub/satellite


Efacec QC45

50kw DC

Charge 0-80% in under 30 minutes

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