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16 New EVs You Can Buy In NZ Now

Like many Kiwi’s, you’ve done your research, worked out the savings from going electric and now you’re ready to buy! Or, maybe you’re at the start of the process and just want to wander by a yard and jump in an EV for the first time. There’s a whole bunch of reasons Kiwis are looking to make their first move to electric which include lower running costs, environmental consciousness and the Clean Car Discount (CCD). The main reason we believe you’ll make the shift though is the driving experience which is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Not even a super-complex German engineered gearbox can compete with linear acceleration with no gears to change. However, it is a relatively new space with many new and unheard of brands entering the market. So, ChargeSmart has compiled a list of which new pure electric models are on offer for Kiwi’s here in New Zealand.

Tesla Model 3

Models: Rear wheel drive, long range AWD, performance.

The number 1 selling EV in New Zealand for many months, and the second highest selling vehicle overall in September behind the Ford Ranger. Tesla leads the way when it comes to combining driving experience with technology.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. These are awesome, particularly if you like technology. Stretch for the LR or the Performance, you won’t regret it.

Price: from $66,900

Range: 491km - 614km

CCD Rebate: Rear wheel drive model only

Availability: Available now with customised orders arriving with a 8-12 week wait time

Audi e-tron

Models: e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron GT quattro, RS e-tron GT

These two very sporty models from Audi are some of the best looking EVs on the market. The e-tron and e-tron Sportback are mid size SUVs similar to the Audi Q Series. The GT is a sleek high performance coupe.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist if you love Audi. The car is heavy and the battery isn’t huge which impacts range. Drives beautifully but you can get stuck on chargers for quite some time.

e-tron SUV price: from $151,500

GT price: from $194,500

Range: 378 km - 487 km

CCD Rebate: No

Availability: All e-tron models are available to order in NZ

BMW i Series

Models: iX3, iX, i4, i3

BMW has been in the electric space with their i-series for many years. They continue to innovate and have focussed on improving the range of their vehicles with each release. This sees the i4 and iX models boasting ranges of over 600km.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist if you love BMW. Personally I don’t like the design of the i3 but the new models look awesome, and they will drive like a ‘beamer’.

i4 price: from $109,900

iX price: from $163,900

iX3 price: from $114,900

i3 price: $73,700

Range: 461km - 630km

CCD Rebate: i3 model only

Availability: i3 available now, all other models available on pre-order


Models: Ioniq, Kona, Ioniq 5

Hyundai is a leading brand for EVs in NZ with their affordable, practical options. Their range of small SUVs and sedans have been extremely popular, with the added bonus of at least the base model of all of the models qualifying for the CCD.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. A km of range is a km in the real world. These are great little cars if you can get past looking like your nana should be stepping out (I’m looking at you Kona). Our CEO drove 75,000kms in a Kona and loved the drive and the range but hated the styling. Each to their own!

Kona price: from $69,900

Ioniq 5 price: from $79,990

Ioniq price: from $65,990

Range: 305km - 481km

CCD Rebate: All models, dependant on variants

Availability: All models available now.

Jaguar i-Pace

The first electric model from Jaguar is the i-Pace SUV. For their first electric model it has been extremely successful being the first car to ever win three World Car titles as well as the World Green Car award in 2019. Check our CEOs review of the i-Pace in our previous blog posts.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. Just a stunning first attempt at an EV and drives like a sports car. If you’ve got the cash and like the brand, this is a great EV with range to burn.

iPace price: from $149,900

Range: 470km

CCD Rebate: No

Availability: Available now

Kia Niro

Models: EX, SX, Premium

The only pure electric model available for Kia, the Niro is yet another small electric SUV in the market. Despite this it remains competitive with pricing and range on par to competitors.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. Similar platform to Kona so the range is great. Not a fan of the Niro design but Kia are going from strength to strength - watch for the newer releases.

Niro price: from $77,990

Range: 455km

CCD Rebate: EX model only

Availability: Available now

LDV eDeliver 3

This electric van from LDV is great for businesses wanting to operate with a smaller carbon footprint but still have the space to carry all their gear.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. The only decent sized electric van you can buy. Get into it!

eDeliver standard battery price: from $49,990

eDeliver large battery price: from $56,990

Range: 227km - 344km

CCD Rebate: Yes, both models

Availability: Available now

Mazda MX30

The first electric model from Mazda, a small SUV with suicide doors that give a sleek look due to the removal of additional door handles. Unfortunately, it does not offer much range so best suited as a city run-around than a road trip vehicle (unless you’re prepared to do a lot of charging stops).

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Avoid. Range is one of the most important elements and quite frankly this first attempt is a joke. Model 3/Kona prices for 224km of range? No.

MX30 price: from $74,990

Range: 224km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available now

Mercedes-Benz EQ

Models: EQC / EQA

The all electric EQ series from Mercedes-Benz continues to ooze the luxury that the brand is known for. They continue to transition their models to all have an electric alternative over the next few years, so we will see many options from Mercedes in future. The EQC, a family sized SUV, was named New Zealand Car of the Year 2020 which cements them strongly in the electric space.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. Great looking car so if you’re in this price bracket get it on the list.

EQA price: from $85,500

EQC price: from $145,700

Range: 400km - 430km

CCD Rebate: No

Availability: Both models available now


The MG ZS EV has been extremely popular in NZ and is the second highest selling EV behind the Tesla Model 3. A small SUV at a great price that makes a new car affordable for a majority Kiwi’s.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. Sure the range is a bit rubbish, but it’s a great price for an around town runabout.

ZS EV price: from $48,990

Range: 263km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available now

Mini Electric Hatch

The iconic Mini is now offered in a zero emissions model, as quoted on the Mini website, “go-kart handling, electrified”. Of course, being electric the handling gets even better with the centre of gravity now much lower and the reaction times even faster.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. Range is crap but hey, it's a Mini. If that's your thing, get it on the list.

Electric Hatch price: from $60,400

Range: 233km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available now

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most common EVs on the market due its availability second hand through used imports, making it one of the cheapest EVs to acquire. As most other competitors are relatively new to the market they do not have the second hand option.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. For this price personally I’d stretch for a Model 3, but many many people love their leaf.

Leaf price: from $61,990

Range: 385km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available now

Peugeot e-series

Models: e-208, e-2008

Peugeot made the move into EVs in NZ in September with the release of two models, a small hatch and an SUV. Both models offer a fairly competitive amount of range to ensure you can get around without ‘range anxiety.’

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. There are a few vehicles in the country already to test drive and see if it's something you're keen on. However, we are yet to really see how it performs.

E-208 price: from $61,990

E-2008 price: from $71,990

Range: 332km - 348km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available to be reserved for arrival early 2022

Porsche Taycan

A luxury sports saloon that sits at the high end of the market. Completely customisable and now more popular than the flagship Porsche 911. Once again, being an EV has allowed the Taycan to take the term ‘sports car’ up another notch with improved handling and responsiveness.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Buy. If you’ve got the money it would be the Taycan vs the e-tron GT. Personally I love the Porsche, but it will come down to your brand loyalty in this battle of the best Euro.

Taycan price: from $178,500

Range: 369km - 434km

CCD Rebate: No

Availability: Available now, customise yours on the Porsche website.


Models: Zoe, Kangoo EV Van

Renaults EVs have been extremely popular overseas with the Zoe topping European EV sales. However, Renault offers the option to lease the battery in the EU making their cars much cheaper. This option is not offered here in NZ. Comparatively, their prices are a lot higher than other similar vehicles so it seems unlikely they will reach the same sales success here in NZ.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Shortlist. Some great products here from Renault that are worth a test drive. Zoe is very popular overseas.

Zoe price: from $63,990

Kangoo price: from $74,990

Zoe Range: 385km - 395km

Kangoo Range: 120km - 200km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Both models available to order now

VW e-Golf

Currently the only EV available from VW, the e-Golf continues their popular hatch in a more sustainable model. However, it is rather overpriced for what is offered in range which seems to be holding it back from greater uptake.

Buy/shortlist/avoid: Avoid. Great quality car but the range is a joke. Go for the iD4 if you love the Golf (of course you’ll have to wait).

e-Golf price: $69,490

Range: 220km

CCD Rebate: Yes

Availability: Available to order

If you are on the fence about switching to an EV we would highly recommend that you take one for a test drive to really feel the driving experience first hand, we're sure it will have you converted. Of course, if you are not in love with the options so far available, there are many more models that are set to arrive in NZ in the near future! Below is a few that are on the cards, many from brands that you already know and love.

Already locked in a new EV or want to be ready to go when it does arrive? Get in touch with the team if you want to learn more about the best EV charger for your new vehicle! We can ensure you have the best option to suit how you want to charge at home or work. Contact us now.

Ranges are based on WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure)

All prices are for as new models, second hand and used imports may be priced lower and also qualify for CCD rebates.

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