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Electric Superbikes Are All the Rage

Hello and welcome to your daily ChargeSmart blog! Where we feature articles that keep you updated with all that's trending in the EV world. Today, we're taking a look at a new electric superbike!

EV technology has been used to make fast cars like the Volkswagen ID3 or the Nio EP9 both of which have set blistering records on the famous Nurburgring racetrack. But now, it’s being used to make superbikes. Damon motors is a Canadian start-up who’s first EV offering is called the Hypersport Pro. Previously, the company created safety tech like 360-degree radar detection but now they are determined to create a motorcycle to disrupt the market. Their first offering will be launched in January next year and their vision is to make their product better than anything else from the other companies.

Above: Damon Motors' first bike

This rapid development of news has earned Damon motors the title of ‘the Tesla of motorbikes.’ The Hypersport Pro is designed to be a direct competitor to the latest e-motorbikes from Harley Davidson and California based Zero Motorcycles. The CEO said that the biggest thing that separates Damon motors from the other motorcycle companies is the way in which they are approaching the problem. They want to make a class leading bike that puts a focus on safety along with handling and comfort. Their first offering will incorporate the company’s CoPilot system which uses a combination of sensors, radar and camera to detect moving objects around the motorcycle and keep the rider aware of any dangers around them. Another thing that distinguishes Damon from the competition is the adjustability of their motorcycle. Usually, motorcycles have a ‘one size fits all’ approach with little room for adjustability which is a pain if you don’t fit whatever their bill is of an average rider. However, Damon promised that they would change the game and they have! Their Hypersport Pro allows riders to shift the bike’s windscreen, seat, footpegs and handlebards with electric motors to allow for the most comfortable ride possible. On the other hand, you can adjust the seating position to give you the best positions for city riding or for high speed runs! Remember, the Hypersport is going to be a proper superbike.

Damon motors is already taking orders for their Hypersport Pro and they will be skipping dealers, using a direct sales and service model. Very similar to that of Tesla’s. Damon will currently build their electric superbike out of a factory in Vancouver that can build 500 motorcycles a year. the bike is estimated to cost around $29,000 (NZD $44,000) and is made to compete with the Harley Davidson LiveWire. The offering from Harley has a charge time of around an hour along with a range of 160 kilometres. The move from Harley was prompted by the sharp decline in motorcycle ownership in people under 40. Chances are that other large manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha will also bring out their own electric offerings to promote motorcycle ownership in young people. Damon has a lot of competition from the more established motorcycle brands so it will be interesting to see how their Hypersport performs. There are several other e-motorcycle start-ups that will also be looking for a portion of the pie. Energica from Italy and Fuell from the United States could be two major rivals for Damon.

Above: The Harley Davidson LiveWire

Damon’s CEO still believes that they have the upper hand when it comes to motorbikes with their direct sale model providing a huge benefit to the customers who will enjoy lower pricing on the bikes. The model will also allow for higher margins which will allow Damon motors to focus on research and development for their future motorcycles. The company’s bikes will be aimed at the motorcycle enthusiast group and while it will be loaded on horsepower, the Hypersport Pro will be an ultra-safe motorbike with unrivalled comfort that will keep you from crashing into cars says the CEO. Only time will tell how Damon will fare in the e-motorcycle market, an increasingly competitive space considering that established motorcycle manufacturers along with start-ups are moving into this space increasingly quickly.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check back in tomorrow for your daily update on the EV world.

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