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GMC Hummer vs Tesla CyberTruck

Hello and welcome to your daily ChargeSmart blog! Today, we will be comparing the GMC Hummer EV with the Tesla CyberTruck.

Above: It's the battle of the EV trucks today

Previously on the ChargeSmart blog we’ve compared the Tesla CyberTruck with it’s at the time closest rival, the Rivian R1T. We found that the Tesla had the upper hand especially when it came to pricing. They were fairly evenly matched in most of the other respects. However, now there’s a new competitor that’s out to get the Tesla. It’s none other than GM’s revived Hummer.

We’re assuming that Hummer’s return to car manufacturing will include something that combines the old school rugged style of the Hummer brand along with some new age EV tech possibly sourced from LG Chem as GM are in a joint venture with them.

Firstly, we’ve got to warn you that neither of these two trucks are not available to buy just yet, you’ll have to wait until next year for that or possibly longer depending on how good the companies are at meeting their targets. Anyway, back to the comparison.

One thing that has become unique to EVs is the acceleration, no matter what the car. In keeping with EV tradition, the CyberTruck is quick off the line and it can do the 0-100 run in 2.9seconds. That’s supercar speeds from a heavy pickup truck! That’s the figure for the top of the range tri-motor all wheel drive version with the dual motor version coming in at 4.5 seconds and the single motor bringing up the pack at 6.5 seconds. Still, very impressive figures. Hummer have confirmed that their truck will be able to do the 0-100 sprint in 3 seconds.

Above: A teaser of the GMC Hummer EV

Why did the CyberTruck cause so much of a stir? Well, that’s down to its styling as the shiny steel wedge shaped body divided opinions into two camps, the lovers and the haters. Believe me, there was no fence sitting with this one. We’re not sure as of yet whether to expect many tweaks to its styling because of that wedge-shaped body but more will be revealed as we get closer to the Tesla’s launch date next year. The Hummer on the other hand is certainly going to look towards the historical bricks known as the H1, H2 and H3 for styling cues. You can bet all your money that the new Hummer is going to be a homage to its predecessors. Not a bad thing because like the Tesla, the Hummer too has presence. The large dimensions of the car make it a sure-fire head turner. Not to forget that this new Hummer will have a strip of LEDs on the front in place of headlights, you can’t miss that especially not when they are on a vehicle as large as a Hummer.

Enough with the frilly stuff, are these two beasty vehicles practical? Tesla claim that their bare bones single motor CyberTruck will be able to do more than 400 kilometres on a full charge. However, if you choose the mighty tri-motor option then you’re looking at double the amount of range available on a full charge. Yup, that’s a full 804 kilometres! Hummer on the other hand haven’t released any range figures, one can estimate that their new EV must be able to do at least 400 kilometres on a full charge to remain relevant in a conversation involving EV trucks. If their car’s range is less than that, then they are already starting off the race on the back foot.

On the Hummer’s side, a lot of the current points are based on educated guesses shall we say because not a lot is known about their upcoming EV. We’re going to have to make an educated guess about this next bit as well. Tesla estimate that their truck will be able to tow more than 6.3 tonnes. The Hummer on the other hand has a mammoth 11,500 pound feet of torque so it will out tow the Tesla! We also know that the CyberTruck is very capable off-road and we predict that the Hummer will probably beat it when the going gets tough. Remember that Hummer originally made tough military vehicles before creating shiny chromed up SUVs for rappers and sports stars.

Above: Pricing is where the Rivian R1T lost out to the Tesla

Lastly, let’s look at the price. Remember that this is where the Rivian really lost out against the Tesla. The base model CyberTruck will cost around $61,000 NZD, that’s for the single motor option. Want dual motors then you’ll be looking at shelling out around $77,000 and if you want the bonkers three motor option then that will set you back around $108,000 bucks. Then you’re looking at a further $10,000 ish if you want to do as little driving as possible and opt for Tesla’s Full-Self Driving option which by the way still needs the driver to remain attentive. Hmm, talk about misleading. Again, pricing of the GMC Hummer hasn’t been announced yet but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that GMC will have to price their car around the same as Tesla’s if they want the Hummer brand to survive.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check back in tomorrow when we look at some new from oil giant, Shell.

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