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Shell Double Their EV Chargers in Germany

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hello and welcome to your daily ChargeSmart blog! Today, we will be looking at another oil company who've been increasing their sustainability efforts.

A darken Shell gas station about to be made redundant by electric vehicles

Above: Shell are opening stations of a different kind

We’ve previously talked about a lot about Total. The French oil giant has not only set up 20,000 EV chargers across the Netherlands but they’ve gone one step further and partnered up with the Peugeot-Citroen (PSA Group) to build a massive battery factory. Though it turns out, Total aren’t the only large oil company who are diversifying!

Shell has become the latest to hop on this train. They’ve just announced that they will double the amount of EV charging stations in Germany. The Shell Corp currently operate 100 EV charging points in Germany and they will be adding 100 more to that number.

This comes as a part of Shell’s ‘new energies’ division, the aim of which is to get the company ready for a time when oil either runs out or becomes obsolete. To help their division with this, Shell bought Greenlots in 2019, it’s a company that specialises in installing EV related infrastructure. They also bought a French firm, EOLFI which runs solar and wind farms. This may seem all nice and generous from Shell but one could almost call it a publicity stunt. Shell is one of the largest companies in the world, they raked in $371 billion last year while this ‘new energies’ division of theirs only used less than $3 billion during the same period. Less than 1% of the revenue that the oil giant makes in other words. In comparison to Shell’s previous pace as far as this department is concerned, their move to double the number of chargers in Germany is a big step for them but in the grand scheme of things, they could do much better.

Above: Germany are set to get more Shell chargers as well as a fuel tax at their stations

Don’t lose hope in them just yet because Shell are also imposing a tax of their own on their fuel. Proceeds from this tax will go towards funding carbon reduction projects like restoring forests and the conservation of ecosystems across the globe. Do you want to know how much the tax is? I’m sure you do, it’s 1 cent per liter. The new Shell tax will be active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so far. The revenues from this tax will go towards funding projects that offset their consumers portion of emissions. Don’t worry, Shell aren’t trying to escape their own emissions. Instead, they will also fund their own carbon offset projects to offset the company’s emissions generated from manufacturing operations, transport and just selling fuel in general.

So far, one could say that Total is way ahead of them in this regard. Anyway, baby steps right?!

Thanks for reading! We'll be back next time with more news from the EV world.

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