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The Benefits Of Energy Storage

Tesla Powerwall 2 Energy Storage on outside of a house with solar panels on the roof
Tesla Powerwall 2 Energy Storage

Storing energy can have many benefits beyond being a backup option in a blackout. However, it is something people often avoid adding to their solar system due to the relatively high cost of batteries. We have collated a range of added benefits that you might not have thought of yet that may convince you that the investment is worthwhile.

Back up power

The first and most obvious reason for getting battery storage is to store energy to use if the grid goes down. This ensures you can keep your home or business running with at least the essentials until the grid is back on. A battery is a necessity if you want to keep your solar system running in a blackout as grid-connected solar shuts off in an outage as a safety precaution for line workers that may be repairing the grid. Having a battery allows you to run off-grid during this time..

Store cheaper off-peak power

Another way to utilise energy storage, particularly with the Tesla Powerwall 2 that can store both grid and solar energy, is to store power at night to use during the day. Electricity prices are usually much cheaper at night in "off-peak" hours so storing energy at this time allows you to use this cheaper power during the day's "peak" prices. If you don't have solar connected to store energy, or your solar system isn't producing much, this is a great tactic to help lower your power bill.

Tesla powerwal app shown on a iphone
The Tesla App allows for control of your own power

Storing clean solar energy

Solar energy can only be generated during the day during sunlight hours, so, at night most people then switch to grid power. However, storing excess clean solar energy during the day can allow you to operate on solar power once the sun goes down. This allows you to run your home on renewable energy at night too and avoid paying for grid power.

Cleaner and quieter than generators

As we all aim to reduce our carbon emissions and move away from fossil fuels we look to alternatives, this includes backup generators. Traditionally loud and petrol-powered, generators now have an alternative that is both quieter and better for the environment. Batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall 2, allow for storage of grid or solar power to use as backup power without the need for fuel and noise.

Smaller carbon footprint

By utilising as much of the solar energy you produce as possible you are able to operate with a smaller carbon footprint. Using renewable solar energy is cleaner than grid power so overall better for the environment. It is also better value to use and store what your system produces rather than feeding it back to the grid.

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