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The eCanter, an all-electric truck from Daimler

Daimler is doing the rounds globally with their new all-electric 7.5 tonne truck, the eCanter. I was lucky enough to see one of these in the flesh at EV World, and it has some pretty impressive features:

  • Its currently being tested around the world in 6 cities, so as of today you can;’t buy one, but you can preorder one.

  • Seven eleven are testing them, as well as UPS thrashing them around the world.

  • It has a payload capacity of 3.5 tonnesIts power output is 175hp and it can accelerate almost as fast as a carIts top speed limited to 80km though, so its no highway cruiser, although in Auckland you could get away with that!

  • It has a range of around 100km, so its still really just a toe in the water for Daimler as this is only really for urban environments.

  • Of course it has zero emissions, so I love the fact it displaces a dirty diesel.

  • And its operating costs are much much lower. In fact one estimate by Daimler suggest its $1,700 cheaper per 10,000kms compared to a diesel version.

This is just the beginning for Daimler, they are already testing larger electric versions which they will start mass producing in 2020.

Like all car manufactures though, Daimler is struggling to keep up with battery manufacturing and sourcing. In fact somebody told me at EV World that the demonstrator truck would be having the batteries removed when they were finished showcasing it and they would be put into the new Mercedes EQC SUV.

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