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The New EVs in Town

Hello and welcome to another ChargeSmart blog! Today, we will be taking a look at the latest EVs that have been released over the last two weeks and talking about their features.

Ford Mustang Mach E

Ford were the first to launch their much awaited Mustang Mach E, something that split the car community straight down the middle. Some argued that such a move had ruined the Mustang's name while some said it was good for Ford's future. We think that Mustang name is a good move to make EVs attractive for car enthusiasts. It's a name with a lot of great history behind it and even though the new model is controversial, it could be the enthusiasts car of choice in future. The Mach E gets the the signature Mustang quirks like the short stubby nose along with the galloping horse logo. The body also arches in a similar way to the coupe. That's as far as the traditional stuff goes because the interior has been electrified. The Mach E gets the latest version of Ford's SYNC system displayed through a Tesla rivaling 15.5 inch screen. The base Model Mach E Select will get a 70kWhr battery with a range of 370km. The top of the range Mach E GT will get a larger 80kWhr battery with a range of 482km.

BMW i4

Ford was later overshadowed by an announcement from BMW who released some teaser images of what they have been working on. The Bavarian giant are working on a whole new line of electric 'i' cars, the first of which will be the i4 Gran Coupe followed by the iX3 and the oddly named iNEXT. So far, BMW have only released features of the i4. It will be a Gran Coupe, sort of similar to the previous generation 6 series. The car will get a substantial 80kWhr battery with a predicted range of 600 km, that's huge! We also know BMW are a performance brand and still love their V8s so the i4 will go from 0-100 in 4 seconds! Eventually, it will top out at a figure just over 200km/hr. BMW have said that the car will have around 530bhp, a figure that s similar to that of the twin turbo V8 BMW M5. Looks like the i4 will be the the M5 of the future and one car that we will be eagerly awaiting.

Tesla CyberTruck

Shortly after BMW released teaser images of their new 'i' cars, Tesla went and blew the competition out of the water with their outrageous looking CyberTruck. The CyberTruck becomes the latest to join the electric ute segment along with the Ford eF150, Lordstown Endurance, Bollinger B2 and Rivian R1T. The CyberTruck is like something straight out of a sci-fi movie franchise, it almost looks like a cross between a Transformer and the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Adding to its sci-fi credentials, the truck also features dentproof, scratchproof and bullet proof body panels! One would expect then that the windows would withstand the force of a metal ball but that's not exactly what happened at the launch. Musk invited Tesla's designer on stage to have a go at the windows which he did and the ball cracked the window strangely enough. It didn't please Elon, that's for sure but the famed founder just laughed it off. Onto the stats. The CyberTruck is meant to have almost 800 kilometres of range on a full charge along with a sub 3 second 0-100 time! Estimates say the Tesla will have nearly 700bhp and 1117Nm of torque! That's about double what the top of the line Volkswagen Amarok V6 has got. The CyberTruck also has 16 inches of ground clearance which means it will be one of the best off-roaders out there. And the price, that's an astonishingly low figure of $60,000 NZD for the colossal truck!

Thanks for reading! Which one of these new EVs are you looking forward to?

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