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Volkswagen Are Doubling Their EV Targets

Hello and welcome to another ChargeSmart blog! On today's blog, we will be taking a look at Volkswagen who have announced that they will be doubling their EV related targets!

German giants VW have now openly declared that they have their sights firmly set on dethroning Tesla as the global leader in electric cars. The ID3 hatchback will become the first model sold under VW's huge line of upcoming EVs when it goes on sale in 2020. Last year, the new CEO announced that the company would commit over $48 billion in contracts for battery production. This was to ensure that the VW group could meet their most ambitious targets when it came to production numbers. The figure itself was double of what VW forecasted they would need just a few weeks before their $48 billion announcement. Volkswagen said that they are planning to sell nearly 3 million EVs by the time 2025 is upon us! That's a pretty big number but fear not because there is a method to their madness. They will be focusing their efforts on the Chinese market to help them achieve the goal along with trying to boost sales in the EU and the US. The company announced that they wish to have around 25 different EV options for their customers to choose from along with 20 plug in hybrids by 2020. This should help Volkswagen on their goal to sell 50 EV models by 2025.

Above: the ID Space VIZZION concept

Fast forward to this year and there's been some more news out of the EV division at Volkswagen. They have now said that they want to double the amount of EVs they plan to sell over the next decade. VW are seriously trying to distance themselves from the diesels they have become famous for. Doubling the amount of EVs means that they will also need double the amount of battery cells compared to their previous predictions. This comes after news that the EU has approved a law that will force automakers to reduce their CO2 emissions by an oddly-specific 37.5% by 2030.

This spanner in the works has forced European automakers to ramp up their EV production. VW have also committed 1 billion Euros to build a 10Gigawatthour cell plant in Salzgitter, Germany. This new plant will also be located close to VW's EV plants in Zwickau, Hanover and Emden.

The state of the art Zwickau factory is where production of the ID3 will kick-off and the company's head of e-mobility has likened this model to that of the Beetle or Golf in terms of the impact it will have on the company's history. VW have also launched a partnership with Swedish company, Northvolt. The two companies have formed the European Battery Union to improve research into battery tech and make Europe's biggest battery cell plant to rival Tesla's Gigafactory. VW will also be spending around $800 million on the Chattanooga factory in Tennessee to upgrade it so they can manufacture two new EVs from there. The goal is to eventually have 8 factories producing VW EVs.

Some of the first names to come through VW's new electric stables will be the affordable ID3 which will have around 330 kilometres of range. There will also be the BUZZ van along with the Space VIZZION and the ID CROZZ. Yes, those names do not contain typos. The VW group will also be pushing the sales of its EVS from Seat, Skoda, Audi and Porsche.

We already now Porsche will be unveiling their Taycan along with a large EV SUV and an all electric version of the Macan. Audi has recently unveiled their new E-tron and will add to the line-up with an E-tron GT and electric versions of the current models later on.

Thanks for reading! What do you think about Volkswagen's new targets, are they too ambitious?

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