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What to Expect From the Tesla Model Y

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hello and welcome to your daily ChargeSmart blog! Today, we will be previewing Tesla's latest car, the Model Y which is coming to showrooms later this year.

A blue Tesla Model Y all-electric vehicle

Above: The Model Y

Model Y is the company's fifth-ever model and it’s the last of Tesla’s S3XY quartet to be released.

Firstly, it is running ahead of schedule which means that those people who were first in line will start to receive their cars as early as next month! Secondly, there’s an improvement in range. Tesla originally claimed that their Model Y AWD would go 280 miles or 450 kilometres on a full charge but that figure has since been upgraded to 315 miles. That said, the website has also listed the range figures for the dual-motor long-range and performance models at 315 miles as well. Model Y has an efficiency figure in excess of 4 miles per kWh while the other four SUVs that we mentioned struggle to cross 3 miles per kWh. Anyway, Tesla claims that the Y can do 315 miles or 507 kilometres roughly on a full charge. Tesla also has a few things to update us on about the Model Y.

The interior of the Tesla Model Y all electric vehicle

Above: The simplistic interior of the Model Y

Right, so what else do we know about the Model Y. It’s been designed with safety in mind, just like any other Tesla. It also has its batteries along the floor, again another common trait across the Tesla range. It will seat 7 people and apparently has 1.9 cubic meters of luggage space in total, very impressive. It’s got 2 motors which work independent of each other and they will catapult the SUV to 100 in 3.7 seconds. That’s almost supercar quick. That astounding figure is thanks to the power put down through the all-wheel-drive system which also makes driving in the wet a breeze. There’s a massive 15-inch touchscreen in typical fashion though this one is really huge, think about a laptop-sized screen mounted on the dashboard! And lastly, it’s equipped with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system which you can’t use by itself but that’s a topic for another day.

All said and done, Tesla prides themselves on the efficiency of their cars and that’s a trend that isn’t likely to be changing with the release of the Model 3. We can’t wait to see them on the road once deliveries start later this year.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check back in tomorrow when we look at Amazon's partnership with Rivian.

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