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You Can Now Buy an Electric Motorcycle

This week, it seems like we're travelling around the world. Today we bring you some news from Australia, tomorrow there will be something out of India and then the day after, we will be back in New Zealand!

But today, we're over in Australia because you can now have an Aussie made electric motorcycle. Last week, a niche motorcycle company by the name of Fonzarelli launched the NKD. It may not sound like much but NKD is the company's first electric bike and it's supposed to make EV travel more accessible for the general population. It's a tiny motorbike, not much larger than an average scooter. It's sort of similar to the cult classic that is the Honda Monkey. The term electric motorbike may sound contradictory but there is a method to my madness. While it doesn't have a combustion engine, it still has an electric motor so the term is justified. Not only is the bike electric but it is also made mostly from recycled plastic. It can be customized for off-road enthusiasts as well as those who want their bike to have a bit of speed. The bike also comes with fast charging capabilities so you can use those fast chargers around the city while you're out and about!

The Numbers

The little NKD comes with a 3.5kWhr battery that will charge to full in around five hours. The tiny power pack puts out 9.6kW of power and 56Nm of torque which is more than enough to get you to the 80km/hr top speed and it will get you there fast! The only downside is the range which is 60 kilometres on a full charge. However, opt for the special edition and you will get double the range and an increased top speed of 100km/hr. The little bike is set to cost around $10,000 AUD which equates to $10,500 in Kiwi money. Front and rear disc brakes come as standard and provide regenerative braking which means energy generated by the brakes will then charge up the battery. You can also spec your bike with either one or two seats.

Fonzarelli is looking to take their NKD on an Australian trade mission to India with the intention to manufacture and sell the bike there. India is a huge market for motorcycles and with rising pollution issues, it will stand to benefit greatly from such a vehicle.

Thanks for reading! Would you buy the NKD? It sure does look like fun.

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