ChargeSmart Cables

ChargeSmart Cables

If you're looking for great quality cables at a cost effective price, then these cables from ChargeSmart are for you. With more and more public chargers needing you to bring your own cable, these cables allow you to take advantage. So if you want to charge at The Warehouse, your local holiday park, or one of the DC chargers with an AC poort you'll need one of these. You can choose from 16A single phase cables, right up to 32A three phase cables.


A 16A single phase cable is great for early Nissan Leaf and eGolf

A 32A single phase cable works well with BMW i3, VW eGolf, and Hyundai Kona

The 3-phase cables are great future proofing for cars with 11kW and 22kW on board AC chargers.