Take Charge Window Reminders

Take Charge Window Reminders

This is the Take Charge window reminder pack to help you educate both ICE & EV drivers. Have you been 'ICEd' and felt your blood pressure rise? No problem, leave them an anonymous "Not sure you've noticed" notice under the wiper. Found an EV driver park in an EV charging park and not be charging? Slip a "Hey there cheeky!" note under their wiper. 


Now some people innocently (and accidentally) park in EV car parks, while others may need a little 'nudge'. Feel safe in the knowledge it is completely anonymous and here at ChargeSmart we are most likely going to receive any complaints (which we are ready for:). The pack also makes a great Xmas present for the EV driver in your life:)


Pack includes:


  • 10 "Not sure if you noticed" window reminders for ICE drivers
  • 10 "Hey there Cheeky!" window reminders for EV drivers parking but not charging


All in a handy pack that fits in the glovebox. Made from a waterproof stock so they don't crumble in the rain.