If you need help/guidance with your EECA funding application we can help. We can provide a guide to work through, a workshop, or even write the application for you.

Why should you work with us?

Simple - results. So far we have had more than $2.2m in projects co-funded.

We're not simply consultants selling advice. No, we get involved with our clients, roll up our sleeves and implement the projects with you. Or not - it's your choice.


Most of our clients choose to work with us as their charging infrastructure partner. Why? Because with more than 150 chargers across a range of client use-cases, we have the experience and the scars to know how to get projects done to the best possible outcome for our clients.

We risk with you. There's a couple of big ways we can help directly:

  1. We write the application for you, but you go it alone. $2,500+GST

  2. We are listed as your EV charging partner and we write the application for free.

It's entirely over to you.