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A young boys dream car...

The dream car for many in the 1980s - a Lamborghini Countach

What are super and hyper cars all about? They are ridiculously expensive, radically engineered to do the same thing a small affordable car does, and for the most part aren't used all that much. But when we see them, they turn heads. The stunning and often radical designs, the sound, and the speed. Wow the speed. And this is why many teenage boys have posters of their dream cars plastered on their walls, and today on their mobile phones and tablets. Hell I still do it (I'm rocking a Tesla Roadster at the moment).

The car of the day in the 1980s (I'm showing my age!) was the Lamborghini Countach seen above. It was unlike anything else on the road. Incredibly low slung, radical doors that opened up, and a visceral sound. I was not the only testosterone filled young male with this beauty plastered to his wall. But super and hyper cars are not exclusively for males. While not as open with their admiration and open drooling, I have many female friends from this age group that were big fans of the 'Tach.

In the context of today, where excessive resource overuse has led us to ever-increasingly violent weather events and increasing temperatures, a symbol like the Countach represents an age long passed, and to some is even offensive. An age where cylinders and cubic inch displacement were the yard stick by which a super car was measured. Now we have entered an age where vehicle manufacturers should be more reserved. Where cars should devolve to the most wind tunnel efficient versions possible and run on the wind.

There are some that say to hell with that. I am a massive fan of the famous quote by George Bernard Shaw

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

OK so it's needs a bit of modernisation because I know of some pretty unreasonable women as well! There are some truly unreasonable people shaping the future of motor vehicles and for that I love them. The Pininfarina Battista is the latest hyper-car to hit the market and is the brainchild of a dream team from Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Pagani, and Formula 1 and Formula E racing teams. With 450kms of range and 1,900 brake horsepower this is literally the most powerful car to be produced in Italy. And it is 100% electric.

The Pininfarina joins the esteemed ranks held by the Rimac C2 (below), which is also 1,900BHP. That would be because they share the same technology, licensed by Rimac.

And these are the pin-up poster child's for teenage boys today. And that is just awesome. 100% electric hyper-cars that go faster than anything ever made for the road before. In fact the number two reason F1 legend Nico Rosberg loves the Rimac C2 is because he has never experienced 0-100km/hr in under 2 seconds behind the wheel before. F1 cars take 2.6 seconds to hit that.

An insane list of radically fast EV's isn't complete without the Tesla Roadster 2. Unlike it's stable mates above, this is what could be called 'affordable' in comparison. Where the Rimac is 1.7m Euro, and the Pininfarina 2m Euro, the Tesla Roadster Founders Edition is a 'mere' $365,000 USD. 0-100km/hr in 2.1 and a range of 1,000km it is quite frankly a bargain.

The dream cars of our youth today will be all-electric hyper cars which have substantially lower environmental footprints than their (now) dinosaur counterparts. But like those super cars they are still objects of beauty and desire, making us turn our heads when one slides by. Aren't those unreasonable people just wonderful.

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