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Badarse outside. Smartarse inside

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Time to dive into what's happening in the world of cool e-bikes. Because my research into the world of Rimac uncovered something very interesting. Not only have they been developing hypercars, they have also developed (and spun off) Greyp, an e-bike technology company that shares some technology with their sister company Rimac.

And they are following the same business model approach which has three critical steps:

Step 1: Design, develop and launch a range of very cool e-bikes. This provides the company with a platform of physical products they can use to market the core technology and to continue to refine their technology. Tesla uses a human/real world development model like this - they sell their vehicles but maintain connectivity so they can learn. They feed all this data into self-learning AI which can process massive amounts of data. Rimac for example has a DGX super computer which runs at 960 TeraFLOPS/second. This real world data is used to constantly refine the technology both from a hardware and software perspective.

Step 2: break the bikes down into individual components and focus on the development and manufacture of these components to the highest standards. This includes the batteries, BMS and the central intelligence module (this is the operating system which runs the bike itself). They design all of these components to be modular and each component will be sold or licensed as B2B components to other OEM manufacturers. The primary focus of this step is to generate sales revenue, as well as scaling adoption of our technology that will then be connected through their IoT platform.

Step 3: the most important pillar is the Greyp platform which combines various software solutions and services developed by Greyp. In the first development cycle, much like Rimac, all of the applications built on top of our platform are developed in house. Down the road, any third party will have access to these services to develop applications that interact with their vehicles or vehicles that are running on their technology. They are targeting 1,5 million active users within 5 years. Wow.

OK so that’s a bit about the business, but what about the bikes? Well here’s some stats:

Base model

  • Carbon fibre frame - so light as

  • Full suspension - even the seat has suspension (good for us old buggers)

  • 8 speed shifter

  • 250W motor

  • 3G connected with remote control (free until Sept 2022)

  • 36V battery pack with 700Wh of lithium batteries on board

  • Top of the line model

  • Top speed 70km/hr

  • 120km range

  • 12kW of power

  • 2kWh battery

  • Weighs 49kg

  • 1kW regen

  • 80 minute recharging (standard socket)

  • Fingerprint activated

OK so at 9,000 euro it isn’t cheap, but it is awesome, and if you’re really into your biking and you want a bike/motorbike cross, well this could be right up your alley. Check it out at

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