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Hyundai Announces 3 New EVs!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

And they are all stunning!

Hyundai is a quite little performer in South Korea that just keeps getting better. When their cars first came out I will admit that driving a few was as far from BMW's "Ultimate Driving Machine" as you could get. Rubbish materials, poor finishing, shoddy paint jobs. Sadly I'm old enough to remeber all of that.

But all of that is history these days. A company commitment to quality and sustainability has really started to shine through. Their cars are finished and perform well. And they are quietly sneaking up on the dominant EV player, Tesla. The Kona Electric is arguably the greatest value long-range EV for the money, and they are continuing to learn and get better.

So the recent announcement of three new EV's in the pipeline shouldnt come as a surprise. But to some, it may have. The Korean manufacturer, which plans to offer 11 different EV vehicles by 2025, is currently working on three EVs that are due to launch in the next year. According to Autocar, the first production model will be the retro-looking 45 Concept which will combine funky styling with SUV practicality and will sit above the Kona EV in Hyundai's range of electric vehicles.

The latest electric vehicle concept from Hyundai

The second car in the pipeline is the Prophecy concept, a stunner with traces of Porsche in its design. The Prophecy, as with the 45 Concept, will roll on a brand new electric vehicle platform. This car is an indication as to where Hyundai wants to take its design language and features a pair of joysticks where the steering wheel should be; a further indication that Hyundai wants to get really weird. According to Hyundai, the Prophecy was inspired by 1930s streamliners, which should say enough.

The Prophecy is set to go up against Tesla's affordable Model 3 when released.

Hyundai Prophecy electric vehicle concept car

A third, currently unknown car is expected to be shown next year and will demonstrate the sheer breadth of Hyundai's new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). SangYup Lee, Hyundai's head of design believes that the new platform will be able to accommodate multiple vehicle designs: "The new EV architecture gives us a long wheelbase and a flat floor, and we're experimenting with unique USPs and how we will stretch it for various vehicles."

If this is what the future of Korean electric vehicles looks like, bring it on!

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