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The Audi eTron. Audi's first toe in the full EV water

OK so after a lot of posturing, concept cars and a hell of a lot of R&D, and getting their behind handed to them by Tesla in their home market, Audi have finally entered the EV space with the Audi eTron.

First of all, shout out to Rupert Shoeller, who has been a brilliant ambassador for both Audi and the Giltrap Group. He gave me a call to let me know that they had an Audi Eton available as a demonstrator, but that I should move fast to get in and have a drive.

Well life got busy and it took me a couple of days before I got to the Audi dealership in Grey Lynn Auckland where Rupert and the team live. Fortunately the car was still there, but it had been sold, so I could only drool over it, have a seat (thank you to whomever brought it!), and watch it be parked. Turns out it had sat on the lot as a demonstrator for 4 hours. Then one of Audis valuable clients came in and wanted it. Badly. So they had to sell it.

Let me tell you, that thing is absolutely beautiful. Stunning design, and of course being an Audi its not overstated, but it was a really great size as a family vehicle, the detailing is of course Audi quality, and it had some really gorgeous touches like:

  • the Audi logo beamed onto the ground under the doors

  • the screens inside the vehicle and the accents throughout that let you know this is something special

  • it charges at up to 150kWs, which means you can charge it to 80% with an ultra fast charger in 30 minutes from empty (which it very rarely ever would be). Of course we don’t have these chargers installed in NZ yet, but they are coming

  • if you’re lucky enough to have 3-phase power you can charge it at 11kW which would fully charge it from empty in 8.5 hours

  • oh and yes you can tow with it

  • And its four wheel drive

If this is your price bracket then it is a car that is well worth a look. Reach out to Rupert at Giltrap Audi in Grey Lynn Auckland and he will look after all your needs.

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